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How Long Will My Sydney Pipe Relining Service Take & How Will It Impact My Property?

Pipe relining is a great solution for anyone who needs to repair or strengthen their pipes. Especially here in Sydney, one of Australia’s oldest cities, where there are plenty of large trees and old homes’ whose plumbing systems have likely not been updated in years. 

There are many benefits to pipe relining and reasons that it’s much better than traditional pipe replacement or repair. One of the biggest reasons is the cost, since pipe relining doesn’t require digging, it means a much cheaper service as you don’t need to pay for the time and manpower it takes to fully dig out a pipe and repair/replace it. Pipe relining can last perfectly for up to 50 years with no damage. This is simply something that a typical pipe repair could never offer.

Now, the exact timeline of how long a relining service will take is extremely dependent. As you can imagine the main difference in how long the service will take is the size of the pipe/pipes that you are getting relined. It also depends on how severe the damage, if any, is to the pipe and whether you’re after a full relining of the entire pipe or a sectional relining to just fix one area with a small crack. 

In a simple answer, the time the service takes can vary anywhere from just a few hours, to a couple of days. We understand that your time is valuable and we always do our best to keep any service we do as short as possible, however, we will never skip out on providing the high-quality service you deserve, just to keep it quick. When we quote the job and get a good understanding of the service, we will also provide you with a timeline estimate of how long the service will take. 

The process of pipe relining is really quite surprisingly simple, especially in comparison to alternative methods.  It involves finding an entry point, this could be an outdoor drain, or it may mean making a small hole in your lawn at one end of the pipe. We then, in our van will prepare the gree resin epoxy solution that will be used to create the strong interior of your pipe. After this is prepared we use our relining machines to spread that solution into the pipes and create the strong inner pipe coating that repairs and protects the pipe for years to come. Once we finish this process we will always do our best to leave your lawn looking exactly as it did when we arrived. Once the service is complete, we always want to make sure our customers are happy with the services they’ve received so if you have any issues or questions we’d love you to give us a call and let us know. 

You can book online today for a $0 call-out fee. This means you can book in for a time that suits you and our plumbing experts will come see you prepared to get started on your relining service. We always provide a quote upfront before we get started so that you won’t be surprised by any fees or hidden costs!  Contact our team today at 1300 30 30 55.