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How to check for a leaking toilet, and what might be broken!

Every homeowner understands the nuisance of dripping or leaking water, and the effect it can have on your water bills if it is not immediately detected and repaired. Even the smallest of leaks can add up to litres of lost water every day, and hundreds of dollars in additional water bills.

Every home has a toilet (or multiple!), and it is an extremely common issue to experience a leak in your toilet. This is both annoying and costly.
Here is how to detect and diagnose your problem so that you can seek appropriate expert local plumbing services as soon as possible!

How To Check For A Toilet Leak

There are a few easy signs to check to see if your toilet is leaking. The most obvious sign is if there are pools of water gathering on the floor by the base of the toilet or behind the toilet. You can also assume there is a leak if you can continuously hear trickling or running water, or if you can hear any other unusual noise coming from your toilet.

A great home solution to check for sure if your toilet is leaking is to use food colouring dye. Simply remove the toilet’s tank lid and place a few drops of dye or colouring into the water of the tank. After 10-15 minutes, check the toilet bowl to see if any of the colour has spread into the water of the bowl. If the water has changed colour, it is likely that your toilet has a leak! Make sure to flush your toilet after this test to prevent any stain forming from the colouring in the bowl or tank.

What Might Be Broken

The most common cause of a toilet leak is a faulty or broken ‘flapper’. The flapper is a small piece of your toilet which dictates the flow of water into the bowl. When a toilet is flushed, the flapper lifts to allow new water to flow, before closing to seal the flow off again. A flapper can become worn due to general wear and tear, causing it not to seal off properly, which results in water continuously leaking into the bowl.

It is also possible for other parts of your toilet to become broken and result in leaks, and these can often be harder fixes. Some other common issues leading to leaks include loose bolts in the pipes or toilet build that require tightening, or a broken wax sealing ring (which is mounted underneath the toilet base and attached to the waste line in the floor).

How to Fix A Leaking Toilet?

Leaking toilet repairs can be an annoying and costly issue, and there is no doubt that you would want to get them fixed as soon as possible! There are a lot of DIY fixes that can be found to resolve home plumbing issues, but it is never a good idea to try to fix them yourself! Attempting your own fix could escalate the issue if done incorrectly, resulting in even more lost time and money.

Trusting in a professional, licensed, and insured plumber is the only way to guarantee your toilet is getting the best care possible. To get your toilet fixed quickly and cost-effectively, look no further than Hello Plumbing! The Hello Plumbing team are experienced and friendly plumbing experts, who will quickly diagnose and fix your leaking toilet. Our obligation-free quote means that we will first visit your property to investigate the issue. We’ll then advise you on what is wrong and provide a solution, with full plumbing prices. If you do not wish to use us we will not charge you for visiting your property – it’s that simple.

Trust Hello Plumbing to fix your leaking toilet and get in touch today!