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Toilet Repairs and Replacements

A broken or damaged toilet can impact your entire plumbing system. Hello Plumbing are professional plumbers able to repair or replace your damaged toilet today. Hello Plumbing is a local plumbing company that guarantees a safe and reliable service.

Our friendly team at Hello Plumbing will reach your property promptly and will inspect the problem, providing you with the best advice on whether to repair or replace. This decision will ultimately be yours but rest assured you are getting the best advice.

If you happen to notice any water constantly running in the toilet bowl this can cause an annoying water drip. Also, there will be excess water wastage and a water stain on the back of the toilet bowl, which can become very unsightly and costly for your water bill. For any toilet problem call Hello Plumbing and our staff will resolve your toilet concern promptly.

    Common Types of Leaking Toilets

    Toilet leaks can happen internally or externally within your plumbing system.

    It is important to understand where the toilet leak is coming from. Some households have a toilet and bathroom combined. This can occasionally cause confusion, if water accumulates at the base of the toilet after you have a shower it can be from condensation caused by steam.

    Toilet bowl or tanks are usually ceramic and are designed to be long-lasting; however, cracks can occur over time. As opposed to leaks from seals and pipes a crack in the bowl or tank is generally more serious and more expensive to fix.

    Rusted Pipes
    The toilet has several parts leading to the water system, some can be external, which can rust over time. This can also lead to a cracked pipe causing water to leak in and around your toilet.
    Worn Out Seal
    If you notice water pooling around the base of your toilet this is a sign that water has seeped through the seal that connects your toilet to the floor or wall.
    Worn Out Valve
    Another common issue of an internal toilet is a valve leak - this is the part of the toilet that drains water from the cistern and into the bowl when you flush. If you experience running water down the back of the toilet bowl, this is a sure sign your valve is faulty.

    Can I fix a Toilet Leak at home?

    If you notice a toilet leak we recommend that you contact Hello Plumbing as soon as possible. Fixing the plumbing problem yourself usually is time-consuming and quite often if you are unsure you may make the problem worse. Hello Plumbing will have the correct equipment along with professional knowledge to resolve your leaking toilet.

    If you notice anything unusual about your toilet contact Hello Plumbing today.

    Hello Plumbing will give you peace of mind and reassure you that your plumbing system can and will be resolved promptly at the best possible price.

    Our professional plumber fix a leaking toilet in Sydney

    Based in Sydney? Got a blocked toilet? No problem.

    Hello Plumbing can unblock your toilet fast, using the latest tools and technology to resolve even a severe blockage.

    Hello Plumbing is proud to serve across Sydney and offer you expert service at an affordable price.
    Get in touch for a no-obligation quote – we always promise to give you a full quote with no hidden costs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What causes a leaking tap or burst water pipe?

    Faulty tap washers, high water pressure or faulty taps can all lead to a leaking tap. A burst water pipe can be caused by corrosion, tree roots and high-water pressure.

    How soon do I need to get it fixed?

    It’s very important to get it fixed immediately as the longer you leave the water leaking, the bigger your water bill! The water could also cause damage to your property.

    How do I know I have a leaking tap, water leak, leaking shower or burst water pipe?

    It could just be that you hear or see the leak. Other signs could be water stains across walls or ceilings, stained floorboards, damp carpets, peeling paint or mold.

    Can Hello Plumbing fix my leak?

    Yes! Our team of trained experts will locate and fix any kind of leak you may have.

    Do you need a plumber to replace a tap?

    Hiring a qualified plumber is the best option for replacing taps, especially if it is leaking. Our professional plumbers will do the job properly, saving you time while ensuring you don’t have to pay any extra from doing the job yourself and possibly creating more damage.

    Can you replace a toilet cistern?

    Yes, Hello Plumbing can! If your cistern is leaking or not working, just call us. We can provide you with a full plumbing quote to fix or replace your toilet cistern as quickly as possible.

    Can I replace a toilet myself?

    Replacing a toilet is not something that can be done easily, as it requires plumbing experience. Doing it incorrectly can lead to many other problems. As there are many moving parts, it can be a complex process and many homeowners end up hiring a professional plumber like Hello Plumbing to carry out the toilet installation.


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