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The difference in how people charge hourly or quoted

The difference in how people charge hourly or quoted

When it comes to finding the right plumber for you, there are a lot of factors you should consider. If you’re not sure whether you should choose a plumber that provides a quoted fixed price or one that charges hourly, there are a few things to consider which may be best for you. 

If you’ve found yourself asking what the difference is or which option you should choose, then keep reading.

While charging hourly has its benefits, there are also different risks. If a plumbing team charges hourly, you will be charged based on how long the team takes to perform the service. 


Choosing a plumber with an hourly charge rate means you have a much higher risk of being ripped off. If you’ve chosen a dodgy plumber, they may waste time on the job site just to add 1-2 more hours of charge. Even if you’ve chosen a trustworthy team who will give you an estimation of the length of time a job will take, you may risk the quality of the service being lost in the case that the team ends up cutting corners just to make sure they meet the time estimation.

When you receive a quote from your plumbing team before booking a job, it makes it much easier to choose the right plumber for you and also means you can count on the price of the job without any risk of the plumbers messing around to increase your charge. 


At Hello Plumbing, we recommend choosing a plumber who offers a no-obligation quote. When you’re given a quote, there is a very low chance of anything changing that price. If any issues are found during the service that could add to the price, a good plumber will speak to you and provide options before continuing or doing anything that would cost extra. We also recommend getting three different quotes before deciding on the right plumber. 

So, which option is better?

At Hello Plumbing, we work on a quoted price. Personally, we believe this is the better option as it allows us to focus on the quality of work without us, or you, worrying about how long the job is taking.  We understand it can be hard to pick the right plumber for you, and we want to make that as easy as possible. With our services, you can rely on our team of friendly, experienced plumbers to consistently deliver the best service we can without wasting time, cutting corners, or trying to get more money out of you. If you have any questions about our pricing, you can give our team a call today on 1300 30 30 55.