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Why You Should Consider Pipe Relining For Your Sydney Home

Pipe relining is a great way to revive, refresh, or even repair any old or damaged pipes on your property. As one of the oldest cities in Australia, with a lot of homes that are built with very old plumbing systems, Sydney residents are definitely used to dealing with old pipes. Many of Sydney’s suburbs are known for their gorgeous landscapes and a lot of properties will have huge gorgeous trees that have been growing for years. While these are definitely beautiful to look at, they can unfortunately cause major issues for your pipes as tree roots are actually one of the biggest causes of damaged and blocked pipes here in Sydney. If you have old pipes, a cracked or damaged pipe, or are just worried about being stuck in the future, you could be a great candidate for trenchless pipe relining services.

So, what IS pipe relining? It’s a relatively new and innovative way to repair pipes from the inside. It works by inserting a resin epoxy substance into the broken or old pipe which then basically forms a brand new pipe internally. It can be done with very minimal digging of your landscaping and disruption to your home. It is also a lot more cost-effective than traditional pipe repair methods since you don’t need to pay for the time and manpower it takes to completely dig up your old pipes. 

In addition to all of these benefits, it is also a much easier and quicker process all together. This saves you money and also makes sure you can carry on with your life without being too inconvenienced by any digging up in your lawn. Trenchless pipe relining is an extremely reliable and effective form of pipe repair, and it could easily be argued that it is actually MORE reliable than traditional methods. If you were to simply replace your pipe or repair the small crack or damaged section, there’s nothing to protect from a new crack forming a few centimetres away, or from damage impacting your new pipe. The resin epoxy solution that is used in pipe relining is extremely durable and reliable. It is built to last and be extremely tough. Pipe relining can last perfectly for up to 50 years to come!

If all of this sounds like something you’d be interested on or something you NEED asap, we’d love to help you out! We have a $0 call-out fee when you book online and we’d love to get out and help you give your pipes a brand new life with our pipe relining services. The Hello Plumbing team has helped thousands of Sydney residents with their plumbing and pipe relining needs and we’d love for you to be next! If you aren’t quite sure whether this is the right solution for you, or just need some advice, feel free to give our team a call at 1300 30 30 55 and we can help come up with the perfect answer to your plumbing issues.