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What To Do If Your Drain Gets Blocked After Rain

It’s not uncommon for your drain to get blocked after a lot of rain. This can happen because debris such as sticks, soil, rubbish, and leaves can get washed into your drainage system and create a blockage. When you combine this debris with high amounts of rain, a blockage in your drain is extremely likely to occur.

Why Can Severe Rain Lead To a Blocked Drain

Heavy rain can lead to flooding or just extra fast-flowing water. With this fast-flowing water comes different debris and materials which may cause a blockage in your pipes. When rainwater passes through your pipes and drains, it brings this debris with it. Particularly with extremely heavy rain, the amount of debris that is brought with the rainwater increases quite a lot. 

How To Fix Your Drain

First, you need to check whether or not your drain is actually blocked and figure out the severity of the blockage. You can do this by running some water from the tap and assessing how fast or slow it goes down. If the water drains slowly but still drains, then it is safe to say you have a blockage, and hopefully, the tips we give you today will help you fix it on your own. However, if the water isn’t draining at all or if you try these tips and the blockage doesn’t go away, you may need to call in a professional plumber. 

While there are many chemicals and professional tools which can be used to unblock a drain, it’s typically not recommended that you use them unless you have plumbing knowledge or experience. However, there are a few things you can try on your own. 

The simplest possible solution is to try using boiling water. If you boil up some water and slowly pour it down your drain, any dried mud or other solids may dissolve or even simply dislodge themself and clear up your blockage. 

If the boiling water doesn’t work, you can also try using a plunger which you can buy from most home improvement stores. Using a plunger should help to dislodge any matter which is causing the blockage in your drain pipes and hopefully will clear up the drain.

As mentioned, if neither of these solutions works to unblock your drain, it’s probably the best option to call in your local plumbing team. You can give Hello Plumbing a call on 1300 30 30 55 to get one of our expert plumbers sent out to help solve your drainage troubles asap!