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My Drain is Blocked, What Are My Options?

A Sydney blocked drain is no fun for anyone! Fortunately, we are here to help you know exactly what to do in a situation where you find yourself with a blocked drain in Sydney.

Attempt to fix the issue 

A blocked drain can be caused by many different things and often there’s an easy way you can fix the issue at least temporarily before calling in a plumber. If you believe the blockage has been caused by a buildup of soaps, oils, or even a little bit of food debris then the easiest fix is to try pouring boiling water down the drain. Make sure you pour carefully and slowly so it doesn’t splash. If the boiling water doesn’t help alleviate the blockage then you can always attempt to plunge the sink to remove whatever is blocking it. 

While these fixes may help to temporarily fix the blockage so you can make it through a busy day, we still recommend giving your local plumbing team a call to have a more permanent solution for your Sydney blocked drains. 

Call in a professional

If you are unable to fix the drain yourself or simply want the reassurance that you can’t get with a DIY fix, give the Hello Plumbing team a call! We will be able to fully investigate the cause of the blockage, fix it and also help to prevent any future blockages.

Say goodbye to the stress of a blocked drain in your home with Hello Plumbings’ team of expert plumbers and drain specialists