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How Did My Drain Actually Get Blocked?

So you’ve got a blocked drain… But how did it actually get blocked and what’s causing the blockage? There are many possible answers to this question and figuring out the answer is the key to figuring out how to repair your blocked drain

Most of the possible causes can be placed into three categories – oils & soap scums,

debris being put down the sink, or tree roots & storm-related issues.

Oils & Soap Scums

The first category of blockage is oils and scum. This is often caused by pouring large amounts of oils or soap down the drain where they then dry and solidify causing a blockage in the drain pipe. Usually, this type of blockage can be fixed by carefully pouring boiling water down the sink. Hopefully, this will melt away any of the scum and your drain can return to normal. 

Debris Being Put Down The Sink

One of the most common causes of a blocked drain is debris. This could be food scraps, hair, or any other objects and scraps being put down the sink. This is also extremely common for homes with kids who may tend to put random objects, like crayons or anything else, down the drain. If you believe this to be the case, we suggest trying with a plunger and if that doesn’t work, we recommend giving our team a call at 1300 30 30 55 to help with your Sydney blocked drain

Tree Roots & Storm Related

If you notice that your drain has become blocked immediately after a large storm, it’s likely that the storm is what’s caused the issue. This is usually because a tree root has moved and caused a blockage in your drainage pipes. If this is the type of blockage you’re dealing with, it’s essential to give our team of local Sydney plumbers a call asap at 1300 30 30 55.