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Why Does My Stormwater Drain Get Blocked?

To understand the exact reason why your stormwater drain is blocked, you need to fully understand what your stormwater drain really is. Your stormwater drain is the plumbing system in your home that collects runoff and carries any stormwater to ponds, lakes, etc. 

Now that you have a basic understanding of your stormwater drain, you can start to understand what is causing a blockage in yours. Since the drain is designed to collect rainwater from the ground, it often collects other things like dirt and leaves. After a storm or large amounts of rain, it’s not unlikely that your stormwater drain will have collected a large amount of debris. This can sometimes lead to a significant blockage. This is extremely similar to blockages in your sink drains being caused by foods or oils. Another thing that often causes a blockage in your stormwater drain is tree roots. After big storms or simply if there is a tree close by your drain, tree roots can shift and grow into the drainage pipes and cause a blockage in the system. 

If you walk outside and notice your stormwater drain is no longer properly draining or has begun to overflow, it’s about time you call your local Sydney plumbing team. Hello Plumbing has the best tools, equipment, and plumbers to make sure that you get the best plumbing service possible. Our team have plenty of experience helping our customers all throughout Sydney with their plumbing issues and needs, including drain blockages of all sorts. Don’t wait around give the Hello Plumbing team a call as soon as you notice an issue with your stormwater drain and we’ll get it sorted!