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Why you should stop delaying and fix that leaking tap!

Have you ever taken the time to think about the cost of a leak?

For such a seemingly small household concern, it possesses an underestimated scale for potential monetary, physical and structural costs to your household. 10 drips a minute adds up to 14,400 drips in a day, equivalent to approximately 3 litres of water wasted per day. This equates to 21 litres a week, and 90 litres a month. Adds up, doesn’t it?

Your leaking tap could be costing you more than you expect in both water bills and damages to your home – not to mention environmental impact! Here are some reasons why you need to fix your leaking tap – fast:


According to average water prices, if an individual ignores a steady drip for a year, it will cost approximately $325 in additional water bills. This is surprisingly common for leaks that aren’t in your everyday line of sight, such as outdoor, laundry or basement pipe leaks. If you have multiple leaks occurring at once, this number is only going to increase! Act quickly to avoid wasting hundreds of dollars on unnecessary water usage.


If you leave a leak for a year, it is likely that more issues concerning the house’s plumbing have developed.

Long-term damage becomes clear when unwanted pests and damage to walls and ceilings begin to occur. This long-term damage may also produce mold and mildew, which has many negative health impacts, including inflamed airways, asthma, coughing, throat irritation, nasal congestion and wheezing.

Most people wouldn’t consider something as common as a leaking tap to lead to such long-term issues as these, but these things can happen! The safest way to avoid permanent or long-term damage is to act quickly to fix issues before they can develop into larger problems.


Wasted water

Although 75% of the Earth is covered in water, only 2.5% is freshwater. Less than 1% of that freshwater is water that we can actually drink! Such scarcity provides a clear understanding of how important it is to effectively use what’s available.

Charities such as Fight for the Forgotten are dedicated to building wells in the Congo, with the hope of providing these people with the basic human necessity of clean water. So, when we place the impact of a leak under a microscope, the true cost becomes increasingly evident.

A slow leaking tap can waste hundreds of litres of water per year. The stark nature of this statistic becomes prominent when placed in parallel with the 3.4million lives per year that are claimed due to the global water crisis. While your drip might only be a small issue in your household, it slowly adds up to a large amount of wasted water. When considering the hundreds of other households that no doubt have the same small issues, the effects do add up!


So, what can you do to fix your leaking tap?

The best way to avoid the long-term consequences of a leaking tap is to get it fixed, ASAP! It may only seem like a ‘small’ issue in most households BUT the effects add up to a large amount of wasted money and water. The only differences between fixing a leak immediately and fixing a leak months later are the potential damages and additional bills in the middle.

Hello Plumbing are experts in all forms of general household plumbing and can fix your leaking taps or pipes with ease. Avoid significant water wastage and steep water bills and trust Hello Plumbing to fix your leak quickly and efficiently.

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