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No hot water? Here’s why your hot water system may not be working!

Has Your Hot Water System Stopped Working?

There are several steps you can take to troubleshoot your hot water installation and to quickly figure out what the problem may be. This can save you valuable time and money, and get your hot water flowing back at a normal level!

Some Things That You Can Check

Check your water supply (gas or electric)

It is always a good idea to first check that your water supply is still on and running correctly. Water supplies can often be turned off accidentally, and this is often the cause of many hot water system issues. Whether your hot water system is gas or electric, it is worth checking that the energy supply is still connected and the water supply is on.

Power cuts

If your household has recently experienced a power outage, your hot water system may have reverted to factory settings or stopped working altogether. Make sure to check your system to see if the settings need to be altered to return your regular hot water service.

Frozen pipes and airlocks

If your hot water system is functioning properly, but you are still not receiving water through your tap(s), there could be an issue with your pipes. Airlocks are also a common cause of blocked pipes. Airlocks occur when air becomes trapped in water pipes, collecting in high points in the pipes and blocking water flow. Sadly, these are a bit harder to clear, and generally require professional assistance from a licenced and insured plumber.

Leaks from your tank

If your tank is directly leaking (commonly from the top of the tank), your hot water system may have burst. In this case you should isolate the hot water supply to avoid any damage. Leaks from valves on the side or top of the tank are fairly common issues, and generally quite easy to fix!


Problems And Safety Considerations

Electrical tanks

You should never touch the wiring or the tank itself. You can check the fuse board, and if your switch is tripped, you will need to call an electrician to fix the issue safely. Hello Electrical can help – call 1300 303 077 to chat with one of our Hello Electricians.

Gas safety

You should never touch your gas supply if you suspect there may be an issue. If there is an issue with your gas supply, you will need the help of a licenced and insured plumber to ensure the problem is fixed quickly and safely. Find out more about our Sydney licensed gas fitters.

Safety valves

Safety valves can be set in place on some modern hot water systems, and automatically shut off the hot water supply if they sense a leak. These can be installed by the team at Hello Plumbing, and can you save thousands in household damages!

Turning off the water supply in an emergency

If you need to turn off your water supply in an emergency, you can call Sydney Water on 13 20 90 to request your meter location, letting you know where the water meter is for your household.



While there are a number of ways to troubleshoot your hot water issue, the safest and best way to fix any hot water system issue is to employ a professional!

Hello Plumbing are experts in all forms of household plumbing, including hot water repairs and installations. The Hello Plumbing team can quickly and easily fix whatever is causing your home to receive no hot water, at a reasonable cost!

Trust Hello Plumbing to fix your hot water system and get in touch today!